Clients and projects

Elaine is committed to producing outputs of the highest quality. Fundamental to this is consultation with those commissioning the work to ascertain expectations and needs with regards quality and project deliverables.  Elaine aims for quality thorough attention to relevance, accuracy, timeliness, accessibility, and interpretability of statistical and qualitative data, which together ensures ‘fitness for use’.

Below are selected examples of clients, both government and non-government, for whom Elaine has provided research and evaluation services.

Government agencies

  • Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC)
  • Department of Corrections
  • Department of Conservation
  • Ministry of Fisheries
  • Ministry of Justice
  • Ministry of Social Development
  • Oranga Tamariki – Ministry of Children
  • Ministry of Women’s Affairs
  • New Zealand Police

Community and other non-government organisations

  • Institute of Criminology, Victoria University of Wellington
  • Victim Support New Zealand
  • UNAIDS (Pacific Office)
  • Global Drug Survey (UK-based Independent Research Company)
  • Genesis Youth Trust
  • Adventure Development Counselling
  • Women’s Refuge
  • New Zealand Prostitutes Collective
  • Women’s Self-Defence Network – Wahine Toa

Examples of previous projects

Below are examples of a range of research projects completed for a various of clients. With a specialisation on criminal justice issues much of this work has involved research on sensitive topics (such as victimisation of crime, including family and sexual violence), and working with families and whānau and individuals with multiple and complex needs. Where available online links have been included.

Mixed method research and evaluation

  • Final evaluation of the family violence Integrated Safety Response pilot (Years 2 and 3), an early multi-agency triage approach to collaboratively assess and support families and whānau experiencing family violence (JVBU, 2019) View report…
  • A review of police sexual violence files as part of Marsden research project looking at changes over time – Women, Rape and the Police Investigation Process (Marsden funded research, 2019) View report…
  • Evaluation of the Ministry of Justice-funded Domestic Violence Programmes exploring both processes associated with delivery of programmes and programme outcomes (Ministry of Justice, 2018) View report…
  • Evaluation of Victim Support services to understand their contribution to improving outcomes for victims of crime (Ministry of Justice, 2018)
  • Evaluation of the first 12-months of the family violence Integrated Safety Response pilot, (Superu, 2017) View report…
  • Skills for Safety: An outcome evaluation of girls’ and women’s self defence in the community Skills for safety. This was the first large scale evaluation of self defence in New Zealand (MSD/WSDN-WT, 2016) View report…
  • Outcome and formative evaluation of Police Safety Orders, an immediate, short-term protection for people at risk from family violence (New Zealand Police, 2011 & 2014) View report…
  • Outcome evaluation of the Child Case Manager programme, a police-led early intervention for children coming to Police notice (New Zealand Police, 2014)
  • Evaluation of a Ministry of Justice funded sexual violence prevention programme – It’s Our Business (ACC, 2015)
  • Evaluation of the Violence Prevention Project for Young Women Clients of Women’s Refuge (Vodafone/WSDN-WT, 2013) View report…
  • Evaluation of the Supported Bail Programme, a community based youth justice intervention (Child, Youth and Family, 2007)
  • Commercial fishers’ compliance decision making: perceptions, experience and factors influencing regulatory compliance (Ministry of Fisheries, 2010). View report…
  • Mothers with Babies in Prison: Women Prisoner’s Perspectives (Department of Corrections, 2008)
  • What Works with Youth? An evaluation of an adventure-based adolescent mental health programme developed and run by Adventure Development Counselling. Doctoral dissertation. University of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand.

Statistical analysis (including validity testing)

  • Analysis of the impact of ISR on family violence reported to Police compared to that of previous and existing FV system responses elsewhere in New Zealand using propensity matching analysis (New Zealand Police, 2019)
  • Analysis of Victim Support questions included in the New Zealand Crime and Safety Survey (NZCASS) to understand characteristics of those who use Victim Support services (Ministry of Justice, 2018)
  • Research to validate and refine the New Zealand Police Youth Offending Risk Screening Tool (YORST) (New Zealand Police, 2010/11 and 2015/16) View report…
  • Evaluation of the use and predictive ability of ODARA (Police’s Intimate partner risk assessment) and its subsequent redevelopment (New Zealand Police, 2015 & 16)
  • Analysis of Pre-Charge Warnings (PCW) to assess issuing practices and the rate and seriousness of any re-offending (New Zealand Police, 2011-12)
  • Responding to Sexual Violence: Attrition in the NZ Criminal Justice System (Ministry of Women’s Affairs, 2008-9) View report…
  • Evaluation of Christchurch Arrest Referral pilot, a referral scheme for arrestees identified as having alcohol or drug problems that included analysis of pre- and post-offending. (New Zealand Police, 2007)


  • Interviews with families and whānau affected by family violence as part of the evaluation of the Integrated Safety Response pilots (JVBU, 2019)
  • Fieldwork investigating the Intensive Case Management of high risk victims of family violence in two case study areas (Ministry of Justice, 2015)
  • Interviews with Brothel Operators to inform the review of the Prostitution Reform Act 2003 (Ministry of Justice, 2007) View report…
  • Interviews with older prisoners (aged 65 years plus) to explore their experiences for a multi-national research project (Victoria University of Wellington, 2015)
  • Analysis of transcripts with offenders to investigate vehicle crime in outdoor recreation places (Department of Conservation, 2008)
  • Interviews with criminal legal aid clients to assist in the evaluation of the Public Defence Service pilot (Legal Services Agency, 2008)

Survey design/analysis

  • Design and implementation of Victim Support’s Consumer Evaluation System and on-going support analysing the results of their annual consumer evaluation surveys (Victim Support, 2009-on-going)
  • Design, implementation and analysis of a national survey of sex works in Fiji: Integrated Biological Behavioural Surveillance Survey and Size Estimation of Sex Workers in Fiji (UNAIDS – Pacific Office, 2012) View report…
  • Assistance designing and analysing a baseline survey of police gender sensitivity knowledge, attitude and behaviour across five Pacific countries (New Zealand Police, 2011-12).
  • Nationwide survey of agencies and other key informants who respond to victims/survivors of Sexual Violence. Responding to Sexual Violence: Environmental Scan of NZ Agencies (Ministry of Women’s Affairs, 2008-9 View report…

Literature reviews

  • Literature review on the needs of Victims of Crime – Victims of Crime in the Adult Criminal Justice System. A stocktake of the literature (Ministry of Justice, 2012) View report…
  • Three literature views related the review of the PRA (2007) View reports…
  • International Approaches to Decriminalising and Legalising Prostitution (Ministry of Justice, 2007). View report…
  • Literature review on risk assessment and screening of young offenders (New Zealand Police, 2010) View report…
  • Responding to Sexual Violence: A Review of Literature of Good Practice (Ministry of Women’s Affairs, 2008-9) View report…
  • Literature review on the barriers to recruiting a diverse police force (New Zealand Police, 2008) View report…